Yesterday I had an awesome run in Boston.

I’ve only ever been to Boston before for the marathon and because of that, I never really had a chance to run the city on my own. I always take one or two days off before a marathon and we get in Saturday, so if I do run that day, I do early in the morning before we arrive. I’ve always wanted to run along the Charles and I finally got my chance.

It was one of those runs that make you love running! I did about five miles according to RunningMap.com. The leaves were in their fall splendor and all the runners there seem so nice, lots of smiles and head nods. Even though it started raining (OK, pouring…) towards the end, I enjoyed it so much. I did 5 miles.

It rained most of the day, which meant my flight was delayed by like 45 minutes, but somehow I got this beautiful picture once up in the sky:

I am definitely one of those nerds that takes pictures out the window like I’ve never flown before. Considering I was on the shuttle (aka the business flight), I probably looked such an even bigger nerd.

It was nice to be home and to celebrate, I tried out a new cider I picked up last weekend:

Apparently, this is only around for a limited time since it’s a winter seasonal… it is SO good. If you are a cider lover, you will like it!

I thought about going running this morning, to the point I even set my alarm but then I remembered that I’m supposed to be in taper phase which means I take a few more days off than normal during the week. Only two more runs to go until it’s marathon time!


When’s the last time you had the most amazing run? Do you have any dorky habits?¬†




If you need a little background about our wedding, check out my Sappy Sunday planning posts that cover everything from flowers to DIY to how we met.

After a whirlwind week and disbelief that it was FINALLY HERE (we planned for 15 months so it was definitely a long time coming!), the day arrived (October 10) for us to be at JFK and ready to board our plane. Of course, I had to Instagram and tweet the moment…

…and can you believe? JetBlue actually sent us some love:



We had a great flight down to Jamaica and it was amazing to see the blue skies and the even bluer water. Even at the airport, we started receiving the VIP bride and groom treatment with the airport transfer company.

Soon we we were on our way!

(still not sure how i feel about these glasses)



We arrived at our resort — Coyaba Beach Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica — and it was absolutely beautiful. From the minute we walked through the door we received the best care and service. More details on that throughout. ūüôā

view from our room


We got in super early on purpose — it gave us time to enjoy the resort and each other before everyone else arrived. So when we got in on Wednesday, we had nothing on our agenda except for an amazing couple’s massage at 4 p.m. That meant the first thing we had to do was hit the bar and check out the beach…


Our couples massage were INCREDIBLE! I’ve only gotten a massage once before in my life but it was absolutely amazing. They blocked off a part of the beach and we had a private meal and bottle of champagne waiting for us afterwards.


And then we were super lame and went to bed really early.


The next day some of our guests started arriving… everyone was SO excited to be there and it was great to catch up with friends we haven’t seen for a long time. It was amazing how many people came down for our wedding. We are so thankful and appreciative of their support! ūüôā

We also met with our wedding coordinators, which seriously is why everyone needs to do a destination wedding. Most of the time, if you want wedding coordinators, you have to pay this insane extra fee for it that just isn’t worth it (in my opinion). But with a destination wedding, it’s most likely included. So, we met with the coordinators and the resort manager and handed off everything… we told them our plans for the day, the various DIY projects and how they were to be used and said goodbye to a lot of stress (at least I did).

We spend the rest of the day enjoying our company, the sun and the amazing views…


totally love that bottled water is “wata” in jamaica…


Up Next: Our rehearsal dinner and getting ready for the big day! 



Sometimes I forget about how lucky I am in my life and how much I have to be thankful for. It’s so easy to get caught up in the doldrums of the day and not appreciate the little things that come our way. So, here goes something new I’m trying: a strong appreciation for the great things in life.


Today is a happy day because…¬†


… I’m surrounded by absolutely amazing, inspirational and giving people like YOU!

We have raised $1,200+ for Hurricane Sandy Recovery! Thank you all for participating and donating. We are still getting donations from companies but have lots of GREAT ones… you all rock.

Emily at Life, Fitness and Me! PRed at her half-marathon she ran for the Virtual Race this weekend… AWESOME work! And Heidi at The Funner Runner shared her trail race experience this weekend:


… I am the LUCKY WINNER of SparklySoul’s “How are you being the best sparkly version of yourself?” contest.


I LOVE SparklySoul and all that they represent. I am so psyched to win two of their awesome headbands and can’t wait to rock them around town!


… We are celebrating ONE MONTH of wedded bliss tomorrow.¬†

And I promise, there will be a special post for you all… who’s excited for a wedding recap post?! ūüôā


…I will be running the Brooklyn Marathon in 4-1/2 days!

Even thought I really don’t know what to expect… I am excited for this race! Whether I set a PR or finish in 4 hours, it is really awesome to be able to run this race in only its second year. I think this race is going to become a big deal in a few years (aka not be run solely in Prospect Park) and I am excited to be a part of it from the START! Woo!



Why is today a happy day for you? 



If you’ve ever been to NYC, you know that getting to the airports is really hard. For some reason, the public transit system doesn’t extend to the airports (unless you want it to take FOREVER).

So anyways, when I have to travel for business they usually send a car service which isn’t bad. Last night the guy was TERRIBLE. He showed up 15 minutes late and then spent 45 minutes driving around Brooklyn. In his defense, all the streets were packed at a dead stop… but if he would have just stayed on the normal way, we probably would have been on the expressway in about 20 minutes — no big deal.

My flight was at 6:59 and at 6:26 we were FINALLY getting on the expressway. I didn’t think there was any chance in the world that I would make my flight but somehow, I got to the airport at 6:47. Yep, 12 minutes before my flight. Luckily I was flying out of the business terminal which was absolutely dead and made it.

Geesh. Talk about unnecessary stress. ūüėČ

I am one of those weird people who, when traveling on business, I take public transportation. I grabbed the bus from the airport and headed to the best place ever: Chipotle.

And here is an after photo of how I like to eat my burrito bol:

So good.

Today I am taking a rest day (I did randomly do 10 burpees this morning, yay for meeting November goals) but tomorrow I hope to get out and run somewhere in Boston before I have to work. The city feels SO different since I’ve only ever really been here for the marathon. Where are the thousands of crazy runners?


What’s the latest you’ve arrived at the airport before a flight? Chipotle lovers, how do you eat your burrito and do you get the same thing every time?¬†



This morning I woke up and saw this quote on my Facebook News Feed from Runner’s World:

“There is no such thing as an average runner. We are all above average.” – Hal Higdon

Thanks, RW. Exactly what I needed to see this morning! It looked a little toasty outside and boy, I underestimated how much it has warmed up. It’s supposed to be in the mid-60s today and the sun is shining. Hard to believe that earlier this week we had a few inches of snow on the ground.

The one thing I don’t link about taper (well, there are a few things…) is the fact that my legs always feel tired during the shorter “long runs,” which plays with the whole mental readiness for the race. I mean, I know the whole getting married and going on a honeymoon thing kind of threw a wrench into this training plan/my fitness level, but I didn’t even feel this “blah” when I ran 20 miles a few weekends ago. That’s OK, get the “blahs” out now and be ready to go next weekend. Right?

Speaking of races, how awesome does this look?!

The Glow Run is a one of a kind 5K Run/Walk experience. We light up the night with glowing runners making their way through the 3.1 mile course followed by a post-race after party featuring a beer garden* and local DJs spinning music late into the night. Grab your friends and come show us how you GLOW!

It’s a twist on the color run… and sounds pretty awesome! I love these adventure races that are popping up (like the Foam 5K?! How amazing does that sound!). The Glow Run has a few more races this year/early next and Brooklyn is listed as “TBA.” I hope they announce a date for it soon!

What’s your favorite inspirational running quote? Do you find that taper phase messes with your mind more than anything? Have you run the Glow Run or Foam 5K? Tell me about it!



***VIRTUAL RACE UPDATE*** Yesterday we met our goal to raise $1,000 for Hurricane Sandy Recovery! THANK YOU ALL! We’ve only been fundraising for a week and can’t believe that we already hit our goal. Next goal? Let’s see how much we can raise by the end of the month. Let’s see how much we can SURPASS this goal to help those who were impacted by Sandy. AND, just by joining, you are eligible to win some AWESOME prizes. Check out our info page for giveaway updates!


So two things happened — 1) I didn’t make it to Target last night and 2) I decided to use today as a rest day and have my last “long” run tomorrow. Usually on Fridays we get out of work a little early but I was there until 6:30 last night and we had big plans in Brooklyn (visiting our favorite bar and then hitting up a new burger place)… so going to Target would have meant that I wouldn’t have made it home until at least 8… no way. I definitely am starting to miss the days of convenience where I can make a stop on my commute home without wasting tons of time.

I was going to run my last “long run” this morning (8 miles) but figured it would be easier to shift to tomorrow. I have to travel for work Monday and Tuesday (boo), so that means I’ll only have to be worrying about squeezing a run in one day.

I’m still adjusting to the fact that it’s already November, but I still can’t believe I’m running a marathon next weekend! It totally doesn’t feel like it. As I’ve mentioned before, I have no real goals for this one… it’s more of a “keep myself in shape” so I’m in a good starting place for Houston in January. I¬†really¬†want to PR at this race so it means I have to get serious about speed work and fueling.

Which means, my days of having these guys for breakfast are probably over…

Actually, CLICK had this huge sale a few weeks ago so I stocked up and am spoiling myself with that for breakfast. It seriously is my favorite way to start the day.

The people at FOCO Coconut Water sent me some samples to try out (review coming soon) and I am loving using that with CLICK — gives it this little extra “pop” of flavor. Here’s the super simple recipe if you’re interested:

Coco CLICK Breakfast Drink


  • 1 scoop CLICK Espresso Protein Powder — Vanilla Latte
  • 4 ounces milk
  • 8 ounces FOCO Coconut Water


Pour liquids in together, preferably in a shaker (makes it much easier to mix) and add powder on top. Shake for 20-30 seconds and enjoy.


What’s your favorite breakfast food? Are you a coffee drinker?




I feel like I start each Friday post off the same, but I just can’t help it: YAY it’s Friday!! The best day of the week!! Wahoo!! This week seemed to take forever, anyone else?

Is it sad that the thing I am most excited for tonight is to go to Target to get some extra storage so I can finally put away my clothes? I literally have NO ROOM for anything anywhere. I think that’s a sign I need to stop shopping too! I literally spent 15 minutes trying to find components of my running outfit this morning, and still ended up wearing two completely different socks. Hopefully some organization will help.


Favorite Five

  • Angela at Happy Fit Mama is hosting a giveaway for Sprigs Banjee Wrist Wallet. The giveaway closes tomorrow night.
  • Another great giveaway is being held by Sharon at The Girl’s Got Sole for some Sweaty Bands! The giveaway closes on November 19.
  • Natalie at This Mama Can Run is also holding a giveaway for PRO Compression socks (these are quite amazing). It closes on Sunday so don’t forget to sign up to win.
  • Not enough giveaways? Beth at Shut Up and Run is giving away some SportyGirl¬†jewelry, which sells some amazing rings. Winner will be announced on Monday.
  • Ashley at Healthier, Happier Bear created a rebuilding registry for a fellow running blogger, Jen, who lost everything due to Hurricane Sandy. Such an awesome idea! Check out her post and make sure to visit the registry — it will show you how amazing the running community is with all the things already purchased.


Update on Virtual Run for Hurricane Sandy Recovery:

When Kara and I decided to host the virtual run, we thought reaching $1,000 would be a pretty amazing goal. But YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! And we are SO close to meeting that:


That’s right, the fundraiser is less than a week old and we are only $15 away! I think we can continue on this path and exceed our goal by A LOT. Can you imagine if we raised $1,000 each WEEK? That would be incredible. I feel like for most natural disasters, the media creates this frenzy the days following… but of course, they get tied up into something else (i.e., the election this week) and stop covering it. But that doesn’t mean that people impacted by the disaster still aren’t hurting and trying to recover.

And I should mention that we have some pretty fantastic sponsors: Road ID, Sweat Pink and CLICK Espresso Protein Powder. Yesterday my friends at Cheribundi said they want IN and they are giving away some AMAZING prizes (this stuff is pretty awesome, I need to write a review about it).

You can’t win unless you sign up!





What are you up to this weekend? Are you always overexcited when the weekend gets here, or is that just me?